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The Essential Food Guide for Climbers

The information I gained from the Rock Climbing Nutrition eBook gave me the general picture I have been looking for to feel confident structuring my own diet for optimal climbing performance. On top of that, by understanding what and when I should be eating, I now feel 100% comfortable tossing the old “eat less to climb harder,” mentality out the window.

Alex Stiger, Rock Climber

What People Are Saying:

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    Joe Kinder
    Professional Climber, First Ascentionist & Overflowing Fountain of Psyche

    It takes a lot of energy and education to be the best athletes we can be, and understanding how to treat our bodies is a major part of that. We are all different in many ways; however, being in tune with our bodies is the one thing all climbers share. A bit of insight from Aicacia has been a huge eye-opener as to how important rest and diet are for performance. This Rock Climbing Nutrition eBook explains which aspects can make a difference in our enjoyment and successes within this wonderful sport.

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    Delaney Miller
    Professional Climber, Youth National Sport Climbing Champion 2014

    As a professional climber and someone who loves to spend all day in the gym, nutrition is extremely important to me! I read Aicacia’s Rock Climbing Nutrition eBook last week before Youth Nationals and found my suspicions to be correct. Not only was the book full of comprehensible and interesting information, it also showed me how to apply the take-away messages to my diet. I even found myself using some of her Performance Day Guidelines during the competition and ended up taking first place in sport climbing! Overall, the book is interesting and helpful, and I’d highly recommend it to all climbers! 🙂

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    Claire Buhrfeind
    2014 Women’s Champion of the Psicobloc Masters

    I couldn’t stop reading once I started. What a great read! This eBook is so interesting and helpful. I’m excited to put all my new knowledge to work–and I can’t wait to try all the yummy recipes 🙂

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What You’ll Learn:

  1. The Basics of Metabolism
  2. Theories of Sports Nutrition
  3. Climbing and Rest Day Guidelines
  4. Tips to Prevent Injury and Illness
  5. Supplement Recommendations
  6. Sample 2-Day Meal Plans for Omnivores, Vegetarians, Vegans, and Paleo Athletes with Over 15 Recipes

About The Author


Hi, I’m Aicacia. I am a Registered Dietitian who received my bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Louisiana State University, where I first discovered rock climbing. When I first started climbing in 2010, I scoured the internet but couldn’t find any nutrition guidelines that were intended just for rock climbers. So, I stopped looking and instead followed some basic sports nutrition guidelines meant for other sports. After I graduated from LSU, I completed my 1200-hour dietetic internship at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas, and shortly thereafter passed my registration exam to become a Registered Dietitian. Once I was fully licensed, I spent 6 months working under a Functional Medicine physician in Austin, Texas. This position taught me a great deal about functional nutrition, food sensitivities, lab testing, and supplements, but I quickly decided that an office job wasn’t for me. After a great deal of brainstorming, I decided to create my own health blog for climbers as well as my very own climbing nutrition guide.

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