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[Photo courtesy of JC Lines Photography]

This week I’m in Ouray, Colorado, running in the Trail Runner photo camp. Ironic, I know, but what can ya do?

My roommate just so happens to be the awesome adventure athlete and journalist, Payge McMahon. If you haven’t heard of her before, give her a quick Google search. She’s got a super rad story! I don’t want to spoil it 🙂

She’s been telling me all about her epic adventures and survival tips, so I thought you guys might like to hear what she considers to be her top 5 survival must-haves! Because let’s face it… surviving is half the battle.

Top 5 Adventure Must Haves by Payge McMahon

Every adventure is different. Depending on where you are going, what activity, for how long, time of year, expected weather etc., what you pack varies. All things being equal, below are my Top 5 recommendations!

1.  Sarong

I always bring a sarong with me because it’s so multi-purposed. You can use it as a blanket, towel, head covering, dress, skirt, shawl, scarf, sling, bandage, pillow case, tarp for shade, ground cover, distress signal, trail marker etc.

2.  Water Bottle

Always stay hydrated and keep water on you. My favorites would be the BPA-free Nalgene or Brita Liter bottles with filters.

3.  Knife with Ferro Rod

On outdoor adventures, it’s important to have a cutting tool and the ability to make fire.

Yes, of course, bring a Bic lighter, but if it gets damaged, a ferro rod attached to a knife sheath is the next best thing. I am a fan of L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives.

4.  Cell Phone

Not going to lie, having a smart phone is wonderful for its multipurpose functionality: Camera, Internet, GPS, Calendar, Music/ Audiobooks and applications.

The different types of travel applications are amazing. From transportation, accommodations, translation apps to learning another language through Rosetta Stone, Duo Lingo or Fabulo, there are many helpful tools one can download.

5.  Socks

Your feet will take you everywhere.   If you don’t take care of them, you may not go anywhere…and if you do, you could find yourself in blister hell or in a frozen toes nightmare.

Plus, in a pinch, socks can be multi-purposed as well. They can double as a filter for water, gloves, a pouch to carry things, potholders and of course, when entertaining little ones, they can become puppets.

My Favorites:  Wigwam Rebel Fusion Quarter and Running – Ironman Thunderpro Low Cut.

Payge McMahon is an adventure athlete, a rock star yogi and a journalist who travels the world inspiring others to get outdoors, try new things and start checking off that bucket list. She’s tried everything from climbing the Himalayas, to dogsledding in Alaska, to trekking through the Amazon Rainforest. Visit her website at

This post was originally published on the Wigwam Mills Blog

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